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Submitted by Matthew on 16 January, 2013 - 12:36

On Sunday 27 January. North East London AWL will host a showing of Ken Loach’s film Land and Freedom as a social and fundraiser for Workers’ Liberty.

Film showings can be a more accessible way of having political discussions than more traditional or formal meetings. Although Loach’s film is far from perfect politically, it is a good jumping off for a discussion about the Spanish Revolution and Civil War.

A film showing is also a somewhat more congenial way of raising funds than standing on a street corner rattling a tin. It doesn’t take much – a space, a screen, and some food and drink.

Your local AWL branch may be organising similar events: email to get in touch.

The North East London event takes place from 3:30pm in Betty Brunker Hall, Mora Street, Islington, EC1V 8EH. It costs £8/£4 (waged/unwaged), including food and drink. See here for more.

There are many other ways you can support AWL’s drive to raise £15,000 by May Day 2013:

* Taking out a monthly standing order using the form below or at Please post completed forms to us at the AWL address below.

* Making a donation by cheque, payable to “AWL”, or donating online at

* Organising a fundraising event.

* Taking copies of Solidarity to sell.

l Get in touch to discuss joining the AWL. More information: 07796 690874 / / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

Total raised so far: £6,856

We raised £110 this week from new subscriptions to various Workers’ Liberty industrial bulletins. Thanks to the comrades involved.

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