Organising in 2013

Submitted by Matthew on 9 January, 2013 - 11:32

January and February will be busy months for Workers’ Liberty. As well as taking part in many broader movement events and activities, we have a number of important dates of our own coming up.

On the weekend of 12-13 January three of our trade union groups or “fractions” are holding meetings to discuss their plans: school workers (teachers and support staff) in Nottingham and PCS members (civil servants and others) in London on the Saturday, and health workers in London on the Sunday. On both days, a number of student members and supporters will be participating in the first meeting of newly elected National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts national committee, at Newcastle University.

On Saturday 19 January, we are holding an introductory event for new members and people interested in joining.

Before Christmas, Workers’ Liberty members in London worked with others to run a weekly Marxist reading group, discussing a series of “classical Marxist” texts. Now we are starting a new reading group, looking at Marx’s Capital. The course starts on the evening of Monday 21 January, in London, and will again run weekly. We are also running a study course on “Marxism and trade unions”, and a reading group discussing Trotsky’s writings.

On 15 December, London Workers’ Liberty held a dayschool on the ideas of Antonio Gramsci. On Saturday 26 January, northern AWL members will be holding a similar dayschool in Manchester.

The same day, London AWL members will be taking part in the second mass demonstration against the closure of Lewisham A&E in South London.

On Saturday 2 February we are holding a dayschool in London, “Educating the educators”, to discuss how socialists can educate themselves and each other, and train our members and those close us in how to do this.

On Sunday 10 February, in Sheffield, our LGBT fraction is holding its first meeting since our conference in October. Both political discussion and plans for activity are on the agenda.

On Saturday 16 February, we are holding a national conference, “Their Europe and ours”, on the European crisis and European workers’ fightback, with speakers from across Europe, including Greece. The event will take place in University of London Union, 11am-6pm.

Tickets bought in advance are ÂŁ10 waged, ÂŁ7 low-waged/university students, ÂŁ5 unwaged/school or college students.

AWL’s annual “Ideas for Freedom” event will take place on 21-23 June, and AWL conference on 26-27 October.

• For more information on all these events see Workers' Liberty Events, email or ring 07796 690 874

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