Turkish trade unionists support Bob Carnegie campaign

Submitted by Matthew on 28 November, 2012 - 7:07

UID-DER, a rank-and-file caucus within the Turkish labour movement, has spoken out against the victimisation of Australian union activist Bob Carnegie.

They have sent a letter of protest to David Saxelby, the boss of Abigroup (the construction company taking the legal case against him).

UID-DER were prominent international supporters of the Queensland Children’s Hospital strike, for his role in which Bob is now under attack. They wrote at the time: “As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey we know well that construction workers work under hard conditions, and that there are many difficulties for workers to get organised in this industry. The system of sub-contracting is becoming widespread across the world [...] Therefore your struggle to sign contract with the main company and get equal pay for equal work is especially important and significant.”

In Australia, the Melbourne University branch of the National Tertiary Education Union passed a motion backing Bob’s campaign, and in Britain, the Leeds branch of the Labour Representation Committee backed the campaign, as did Unite Grassroots Left.

For more information, see here

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