Labour MP's back Bob Carnegie

Submitted by Matthew on 14 November, 2012 - 7:30

The Labour Representation Committee, the largest socialist grouping inside the Labour Party, unanimously voted to support the Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign at its 2012 AGM on Saturday 10 November.

Since the vote, LRC-supporting MPs John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn have expressed their personal support for the campaign.

The East Ham branch of the transport union RMT, and the Glasgow Community, Youth Work, and Not-for-Profit branch of the Unite union have also passed motions supporting Bob. The National Shop Stewards Network promoted the campaign in its November bulletin.

Support is growing in Australia, too; the State Council of the Queensland Teachers Union has also declared its support. They add their support to that of the Sydney branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), the Victorian Public Sector Unionists Rank-and-File Network, and National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) branches in the University of Queensland, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the University of Sydney, and the University of New South Wales.

On Wednesday 7 November, Bob received court papers for another prosecution, this one under the Fair Work Australia law and the tort of nuisance. The CFMEU, ETU, and CEPU (plumbers’) unions are also involved. The case is due to be heard in July 2013. The initiation of a second prosecution shows the bosses’ determination to make an example of Bob.

Bob’s supporters in London are seeking to make links with the construction workers’ rank-and-file committee currently fighting against blacklisting and union-busting on construction sites.

They are also seek links with activists involved in campaigns for justice for the Shrewsbury 24, construction worker activists jailed in 1973 for their role in a strike.

• Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign

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