Tories tell poor: “stop breeding”

Submitted by Matthew on 26 October, 2012 - 7:06

Iain Duncan Smith has announced that the government is considering capping children-related benefits at two children, essentially telling poor families to stop breeding.

He explicitly said the move is being considered in order to disincentivise poor families from having more children: “When you look at families across the board across all incomes, you find the vast majority make decisions about the number of children they have, the families they want, based on what they think they can afford,” he said, while criticising the “clustering” of larger families on welfare and benefits.

Fancy words only thinly disguise social prejudice. What he means is: “the poor breed like rabbits.”

The move is estimated to save £200 million, a tiny fraction of the new £10 billion cuts currently being sought from the welfare budget.

The Tories are determined to make procreation — like education, travel, and decent housing — an area of life accessible only to the rich.

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