"More GP services run by Bupa and Virgin"

Submitted by martin on 23 October, 2012 - 1:32

According to the Financial Times (23 October): "Deal activity in healthcare services is picking up amid widespread expectations that private sector involvement in the NHS will increase".

A finance expert questioned by the FT warned that: "Some will be worried about the political risk, some will be worried about the reputational risk..."

If socialists, trade unionists, and campaigners raise the level of that "political" and "reputational" risk, that can change the trend.

Otherwise, though, "if you roll forward five or 10 years in primary care there will be more GP services run by Bupa and Virgin. And will there be more hospitals run by the private sector? Yes".

Already "about 85 per cent of the domiciliary market [caring for infirm elderly people in their homes] is delivered by the private sector, but the government’s budget cuts have spurred a fresh wave of outsourcing by local authorities and health services.

"This has sparked the interest of support services and facilities management groups such as Mitie...

"Now there’s a more mature market, with support services companies moving in".

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