Migrants evicted in Calais

Submitted by Matthew on 3 October, 2012 - 1:53

Wednesday 25 September began days of evictions and arrests of the 200 migrants who are still sleeping rough and in tents and other makeshift shelters in Calais.

Although police harassment is an everyday occurrence in Calais, this is a step-up, if not a repeat of the exceptional brutality of three years ago, when a camp set up by Afghan migrants was razed to the ground.

An article on Indymedia describes the conditions prior to the latest police crackdown: “Most people present in Calais now have papers; either they have applied for asylum in France or they have refugee status in some other EU country.

“The asylum seekers should be given accommodation, by law, but there are not many bedspaces available, so they are left to wait for the result of their asylum application in the street, for up to two or three years. ”

The new French Socialist government of François Hollande has shown it is capable of the same brutal racism as that of Sarkozy. East European Roma have also been the victims of mass deportations earlier this year.

Come to the protest on Saturday 6 October at 4.30pm at the French Tourist Office, Lincoln House, 296-302 High Holborn, London WC1V 7JH.

International activists in Calais need donations of sleeping bags and men’s clothes. Please bring to the protest on Saturday. You can find out more here or by emailing calais_solidarity@riseup.net.

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