AWL meets on 27-28 October

Submitted by Matthew on 5 September, 2012 - 10:25

The AWL’s annual conference will take place on 27-28 October. AWL members and sympathisers can register and pay the conference fee here.

Conference registration starts at 11:00 on Saturday 27 October, and conference closes at 16:30 on Sunday 28 October. The conference is in London: phone 020 7394 8923 for details.

A meeting of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty’s National Committee on 1 September kicked off the discussions leading up to the conference.

The National Committee is 19 members elected by last year’s conference to lead our activity month-by-month during the year. The new conference will decide our broad lines of policy for 2012-3 and elect a new committee.

Pay conference registration fee online here: £28/£19/ £7 if paid before conference, more expensive on the door.
Before conference

To book creche places, email with names, ages, and any special dietary or medical requirements for children for whom you want creche places.

The National Committee has produced seven main documents and reports for the conference.

Minorities on the NC, or members or groups of members outside the NC, can put in alternative or additional documents, or amendments large or small.

A conference web forum has been set up for AWL members, and the documents have also been circulated in printed hard copy. We organise so that every member at conference has carefully considered all the proposals on the agenda, and discussed them collectively before conference itself, rather than responding off the cuff on conference floor. There have been two rounds of regional pre-conference meetings (23 September and 6-7 October), as well as two further NC meetings before the conference, and discussion in AWL branches, and special pre-conference webchats.

All AWL members are due to attend the conference. Observers from revolutionary socialist groups in other countries with which AWL has links are also invited, and some sympathisers and friends of the AWL come too.

If you’re not an AWL member but would like to come to the conference, talk with your local AWL organiser or email

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