Posties' wildcat wins

Submitted by AWL on 24 July, 2012 - 12:48

A 48-hour wildcat strike by postal workers in Bridgewater, south west England, ended in victory as a suspended Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) activist was returned to work.

Workers also secured agreement for national talks around deteriorating industrial relations at the Bridgewater Delivery Office, where the CWU accuses bosses of heavy-handed management, refusal to comply with agreed upon consultation procedures, and making unilateral cuts to workers’ hours.

Dave Wilshire, branch secretary of Bristol CWU, said: “Royal Mail can say what it likes but the fact is they would not talk to us about lifting this suspension until the strike went into its second day. That's a fact.

“This is a major Royal Mail turnaround from last Friday, when it looked like we might be out on strike for a week or more. Our suspended CWU member will return to work today with the threat of serious disciplinary action removed. The other issues members were on strike about should now be addressed.

“The tremendous solidarity shown once again by 110 Bridgwater postal workers has, we believe, forced Royal Mail to show some common sense. We hope this approach continues.”

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