Reviving action in universities

Submitted by Matthew on 13 June, 2012 - 9:33

The congress of the University and College Union (UCU, 8-10 June) voted to resume industrial action over pension cuts for workers in “pre-1992” institutions.

A work-to-rule will be reinstated with immediate effect, and a sustained programme of industrial action in autumn will be worked out over the summer and decided upon at a special conference in September. Congress also voted to recognise that the suspension of the work-to-rule, carried at a pre-1992 conference in January, was a mistake.

The resumption of industrial action is excellent news and happened in spite of the General Secretary conducting endless plebiscites and empty consultations, and trying to bully congress delegates into voting against resuming industrial action over by dishonestly and erroneously claiming members had mandated us to do so.

It is also promising that the UCU has decided to draw up a credible strategy of escalating industrial action to win the dispute, something Workers’ Liberty has consistently argued for, and gives us all hope that the union has moved away from its non-strategy of one-day protest strikes separated by long periods of inactivity.

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