Greece challenges ECB

Submitted by Matthew on 13 June, 2012 - 9:46

The left can win in Greece’s election on 17 June. And if it does, a left government’s pro-worker policies will predictably cause screams of outrage from the bosses in Greece and the EU.

ECB and EU bosses will probably quickly kick Greece out of the eurozone.

Yet Syriza is not preparing its own supporters and the working class generally for the consequences of confrontation with the Troika, the markets and the Greek ruling class.

Some Syriza leaders argue that when they form a new government, the Troika’s bluff will be called and they will be forced to back down and make big concessions. They point out that the EU leaders are terrified of a Greek default and exit from the euro. This would cause a new financial crisis and deep recession throughout the EU, with countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland also possibly forced out of the euro.

This is true, but events have their own momentum.

If the country leaves the euro-zone and the EU, either by the decision of Brussels and Berlin or by an initiative of the Greek people, and there is a relative delay in revolutionary support from the European workers’ movement, then the first question is whether Greece has already broken from the capitalist system or remains still a capitalist country.

An isolated capitalist Greece will be in ruins. In the case of a revolutionary break from capitalism the only survival strategy is the revolutionary socialist: we have to re-organise all social relations with an emergency programme.

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