School strike forces concessions

Submitted by Matthew on 16 May, 2012 - 9:26

Picket lines at Central Foundation Girls School in east London, where workers are striking against job losses, pay cuts and increases to workload, were well attended on Friday 11 May (the most recent day of action).

The increasingly nervy and confrontational headteacher repeatedly threatened to call the police because there were more than six people on the picket.

The action has already forced the school management into concessions, and it has now conceded on both job losses and pay cuts, which primarily effected support staff (i.e. Unison members).

Despite accepting management’s concessions, support staff have refused to be divided from the teachers. Had management tried to buy off teachers and leave support staff hanging, the response of National Union of Teachers (NUT) members in the school would have been the same. Unity is what got us this far, unity must be maintained as workers build towards the next strike, on Thursday 24 May.

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