Labour NEC vote and rule changes

Submitted by Matthew on 16 May, 2012 - 7:16

Ballot papers to elect the six constituency representatives on the Labour Party's National Executive (NEC) go out on 25 May and must be returned by 13 June.

For some time a “centre-left” slate has won three, or sometimes four, of those six places. Since the unions have 12 of the 33 places on the NEC, this means that if the unions take a stand on an issue — and if the issue comes to the NEC at all — those constituency reps can decide issues, as they helped decide last year's election for Labour Party general secretary against the diehard-Blairite candidate.

Even though some of the "centre-left" slate are by no means reliable, left Labour groupings urge a vote for the whole slate, to block the hard right.

Over the next month (up to a 22 June closing date) local Labour Parties can also submit rule change proposals for Labour's annual conference. The most important of those being circulated by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is one to give conference the right to vote by parts on large documents presented to it.

Local Labour Parties which submit a rule change thereby (under current rules) lose their chance to submit a contemporary policy motion (in September).

But rule changes have to be put on the conference agenda, unless they are declared out of order, whereas a local Labour Party's policy motion has only an outside chance of reaching conference floor.

• NEC slate of Grassroots Labour

• Rule change here and Left Futures.

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