Socialists and the Dutch election

Submitted by Matthew on 9 May, 2012 - 9:27

I think Martin Thomas’ take on the political situation in the Netherlands (Solidarity 244) is basically right.

One caveat: I don’t think the Socialist Party (SP) is quite as narrowly nationalistic as suggested.

Its Euro MP, Dennis de Jong, has been making headway in putting forward initiatives at European level, for minimum corporate tax levels, for example. And I think the SP’s position on Greece has been pretty good, opposing the prevailing Greek-bashing and opposing the bailouts purely on the grounds that they’re really bailouts for French and German banks and impose unacceptable suffering on working Greeks.

And the SP is less bad than the so-called Green Left, which backs the current austerity package, or even the Labour Party, which has major qualms about its opposition.

SP leader Roemer has warned that the austerity package should be sent to Brussels stamped “good only until 12 September” (the date of the next elections) — probably an empty threat, sadly, but a justified one.

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