Tube: co-ordinate battles

Submitted by Matthew on 11 April, 2012 - 10:21

Transport union RMT is fighting disputes against several employers in London Transport, and activists are trying to maximise their effect through co-ordination.

The disputes include battles over pensions and passes involving maintenance workers at Tube Lines, London Underground service controllers’ and signallers’ fight against threats to jobs, pay and union recognition on maintenance contractor companies, and cleaners’ battles over pay and the right to the same travel passes other Tube workers have.

All the battles take place against the backdrop of the ongoing campaign to secure a decent financial reward for working during the Olympics for all grades of transport workers, against some employers’ attempts to refuse annual leave this summer, for example to Travel Information Centre staff, and to protect existing collective agreements against management attempts to suspend or break them for the duration of the Games.

AWL members working on the Tube will be arguing for an effective strategy for each of these disputes, while promoting coordination where possible, to allow workers to fight together to apply maximum industrial pressure to management in order to win their demands.

For more, see the Tubeworker blog.

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