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Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2012 - 9:40

The year since we re-launched Women’s Fightback has seen women at the heart of workers’ strikes and student protests.

It’s no surprise then that we’ve also seen a revival of feminist discussion and activism. Women’s Fightback’s focus has been women as part of the working class, fighting and shaping the class struggle. Following a successful class struggle feminist conference and speaker tour in autumn 2011 Women’s Fightback decided we weren’t finished getting together with other women to discuss ideas, politics, and feminism.

So, we started a London discussion group. Our first meeting, with Maria Exall (LGBTQ and Communication Workers’ Union activist) explored LGBTQ activism in the past and today; sexism and what it’s like to be a woman in the LGBTQ movement; and LGBTQ organising in our trade unions and workplaces.

Hannah McQuarrie (Unison activist and body theorist) led our second discussion on “Muffs, Magazines and the Media” — from Slutwalk to Muff March, body image, body hair and social pressures are firmly back on the feminist agenda. Over 20 women came to share ideas, theories and personal stories. We considered how we relate to our bodies; and where pressures come from — the media, our friends, or the structure of capitalist society?

Women’s Fightback welcomes all self-defining women and we hope to create a space to talk about the issues that affect us and are important to us. Royal Holloway student and Feminist Society activist Sidonie said:

“I had never been to a meeting like this before but I liked it. I even spoke once (normally, I don’t!) and people were encouraged to organise and lead future meetings, which felt welcoming. I liked the ways the topics were approached, the wine breaks and the food everyone brought. It was my first time, but after 15 minutes I’d forgotten that.”

We thought of future topics ranging from sex work; to women in film; to women and the cuts.

More ideas always welcome — get in touch to join our discussion list. Email: women@workersliberty.org

Our next meeting is about Equal Pay with Cathy Nugent and Becky Crocker.

Suggested reading will be available on Facebook: Women’s Fightback

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