Teacher reinstatement campaign

Submitted by Matthew on 18 January, 2012 - 1:46

Following a disciplinary hearing last week, Duston School National Union of Teachers rep Pat Markey, a humanities teacher with 18 years service, was told of his dismissal by phone from his area union office.

Management at Duston School clearly lacked the decency to inform Pat about his “summary dismissal” in person.

Pat is “guilty” only of opposing Duston School becoming a Foundation Trust School and now an academy, and guilty of trying his best to defend working conditions so that both staff and pupils can work and study in reasonable conditions.

Local activists are mounting a defence campaign. Former student Gareth Eales (also former secretary of Northampton Communication Workers’ Union, and current borough councillor for Spencer Ward) said: “I think Pat is being treated awfully and he needs to be permitted to return to work. Pat is a former teacher of mine; he was great and very supportive and is an asset to the school. Please support this campaign and tell The Duston School's bosses to reinstate Mr Markey.”

Sign the petition to demand Pat’s reinstatement here. Join the campaign’s Facebook group here. For more information, ring Rob on 07792605452.

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