Submitted by dalcassian on 5 December, 2011 - 4:03

By Sean Matgamna

And what is reason but sums, cold calculation

About fixed things? Be reasonable! Don't doubt;
Sums are sure, strait as strangulation:
Know life is flat and static. Don't shout
Against good sums, or kick against computers.
If Freedom is necessity, bow down!
The sum sets mind-ruled man in gear, neuters
Fond hope, desire, fine fantasy, brands clown
The heretic who says, "This is insane,
This tyranny of the bourgeoisie's abacus!"
Life's richer than the counting houses of Cain,
Or Kepler's mind, stronger than Spartacus:
Be brave against the odds, pace subtler drums
And hold your course: subvert, augment their sums!

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