Essex students occupy in solidarity with strikes

Submitted by AWL on 30 November, 2011 - 10:20

Students at Essex University have occupied a lecture theatre in support of striking workers.

About 30 students, who say they have no political affiliation, say they intend to stay until December 6 when a meeting about changes to campus accommodation is due to be held.

The students, who are in a small lecture theatre, say they are protesting in solidarity with the strikers today including their lecturers, for free education, and against changes to accommodation services and privatisation of universities.

Occupiers took control of the room at about 6pm and say they will raise more specific demands following a general assembly tomorrow.

They made the decision to occupy following a rally in Colchester town centre as part of the November 30 strike day, and students will invite local trade unionists to visit the occupation.

A motion will be put to a Student Union general meeting tomorrow to support the occupation, public sector workers, and against planned changes to the way accommodation is run on the campus.

University management has so far not reacted to the occupation but security has promised not to lock in the occupiers.

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