Occupy LSX organises direct action in the run up to November 30

Submitted by martin on 21 November, 2011 - 4:06

An Occupy LSX activist reports:

Occupy London is proud to present '7 Days of Action' in the lead up to the national General Strike on the 30th November, N30. Though exact dates are to be confirmed, there will be at least one action a day from the 24th to the 30th itself.

These actions include a two minute silence in remembrance of those lives lost by protesters and trade unionists in the fight for social justice and equality; and also for the lives lost in police custody. We'll be flyering the poorer, more disenfranchised areas and showing solidarity with those fighting local welfare cuts and closures. A rally for pensioners is being organised as is a women's blockade for N30 itself. We're arranging a gig and a 'campaign' for the Police to have the right to strike (the latter is more stunt than genuine).

All these actions - and more - aim to publicise N30 but, more importantly, politicising the public, mobilizing people to take the first step on the road to a fairer world.

For more info, contact me at pj.aroso@yahoo.co.uk or the DA working group at occupies.da@gmail.com.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

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