Police raid Occupy Wall Street

Submitted by Matthew on 16 November, 2011 - 11:37

New York police conducted a late-night raid on 14 November to clear the Occupy Wall Street protest, arresting at least 70 people.

The raid, which was began suddenly, saw armed riot police heavy-handedly remove protesters, including through the use of tear gas, and smash up the infrastructure of the camp. Press were barred from reporting on the eviction, leading to an effective media blackout with Al-Jazeera the only major media outlet to cover the raid from the frontlines. Other media sources such as the New York Times were prevented from gaining access to Zucotti Park, where the raid was taking place.

The eviction follows a similar raid on the Occupy Oakland camp, which mobilised the 2 November “general strike” protest in the Californian city.

As Solidarity went to press, New York occupiers were regrouping in nearby Foley Square to plan their next steps.

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