An olive branch to anarchists?

Submitted by Matthew on 16 November, 2011 - 12:31

By Jordan

As an anarchist I would like to congratulate Yves Coleman on his article What Trotskyists should know about today’s young anarchists (Solidarity 224), and the AWL for publishing it.

It’s obviously a generalisation, as the author admits, but it captures parts of reality that it would be a mistake to miss.

I’ve been reading the releases on the AWL website for a while now. It’s the first time I’ve found something that feel genuinely talks about anarchists (other than anarchist rebuttals that occasionally appear), not endless strawman attacks on particular individuals within the anarchist movement (most of which I and a lot of other anarchists would also want to condemn for particular actions — anarchism is a broad ideology not a party or a hero cult), or rewriting history in such a way that it looks like Trotskyist propaganda rather than an account of what actually happened.

Anybody wanting to engage with anarchists would do well to read this article and I personally see it as a bit of an olive branch.

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