Unions call on Labour to back 30 November

Submitted by martin on 15 November, 2011 - 6:22

The Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation (TULO), the umbrella group for unions affiliated to the Labour Party, has written to Constituency Labour Party secretaries asking them to back the 30 November strike.

TULO usually confines itself to backroom dealing, so this is a new and welcome move.

The letter reads:

I wanted to write to all Constituency Labour Parties about the current dispute surrounding public sector pensions, and to ask for your support in advance of the national day of action on November 30th. We have produced a campaign and information pack for CLPs, which you can download here.

The facts about the dispute are simple. This Government are trying to force a triple squeeze on public sector workers – the same workers who are currently facing a two-year pay freeze. Millions of public sector workers are being asked to pay more, work longer, and receive a pension that doesn’t properly keep up with prices. This pack gives you the details of that triple squeeze.

Shadowy right wing pressure groups, ministers, and parts of the media have also been peddling myths about public sector pensions, calling them ‘gold-plated’ or ‘unaffordable’. This pack tackles some of those myths.

Perhaps most importantly, we are asking local Labour Parties like yours to act in support of public sector workers on November 30th. In this pack you will find a motion which we are asking all constituency parties to put to their monthly meeting, in order to support the day of action. The pack also includes a list of 5 things your CLP can do to support the campaign for fair pensions.

If these workers are trusted to teach our children, nurse us when we are sick, look after our elderly and vulnerable and clean our streets - among the hundreds of important tasks which make a civilised society work - then surely they are entitled to have a retirement with some semblance of dignity.

You can add your CLP’s name to our statement of support here

I hope that you will support public sector workers.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Kenny
Chair, Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation and GMB
General Secretary

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