Ten thousand on student demonstration

Submitted by martin on 9 November, 2011 - 11:10

From the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts


10,000 students from across the country demonstrated in London today on the national demonstration against cuts to education and public services organised by the NCAFC.

Despite only token support from the National Union of Students, and a distinctly luke warm response from some NUS leadership-loyal student unions, SUs, student anticuts groups and trade unionists who want to see a serious fightback against the Tories' education policies mobilised an impressive and militant demonstration.

This despite serious intimidation and threats from the police - including a threat to use rubber bulletins and intimidatory letters delivered directly to activists and also handed out at stations near the start of the demo! On the demo itself too, the police were out in force, including (blatantly obvious) plain clothes officers infiltrating the crowd to cause disruption and in a number of cases violence.

There was also student-worker unity on the day. In addition to many UCU and Unison activists from HE and FE who took part, the demo rallied in support of electrician union activists kettled by the police when they tried to join us. "Students and workers unite" was a widely used chant.

Please send reports, pictures and videos of today to againstfeesandcuts@gmail.com

The demo was a real success, but needs to to be the start of a renewed campaign of student action:

1. The NCAFC has called a national student Day of Action on 23 November (see here and our Facebook event here). Please discuss organising a protest, walk out or occcupation on the day.

2. The 30 November strike against the government's attacks on public sector pensions, which is likely to see more than two and a half million workers out, is the next major step forward in the fight against cuts. It is vital that the student movement organises a major mobilisation in support of the strikers. More information and materials on this site soon.

3. The NCAFC conference will take place in Birmingham on 10 December. Please bring a delegation from your union or campaigning group, get involved in our democratic processes and make the campaign yours. More details soon.

Congratulations to everybody who made today a success. We should celebrate, but then got on with organising the next steps in the fightback.

Please get in touch to let us know your plans, or for help and advise: againstfeesandcuts@gmail.com, or ring 07775 763 750 or 07840 136 728.

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