Support the Bedouin!

Submitted by Matthew on 9 November, 2011 - 11:28

Israel’ s right-wing government continues to persecute Israel’ s Bedouin population. Plans are underway for the mass resettlement of tens of thousands in cities. But the Bedouin are refusing to go.

Israel has 200,000 Bedouin, with a further 40,000 in the West Bank and millions beyond, in Jordan, Sinai and Gaza.

Nearly half the Negev’ s Bedouin live in un-registered villages. Many settlements predate the state, but are unrecognised and so are refused road, public transport, water and electricity.

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank 2,000 Bedouin are to be shifted to the edge of a rubbish dump to make way for Jewish settlers.

Many of these herders have now abandoned their camels and goats, and those that survive find themselves harassed by settlers and Israeli soldiers.

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