For a Workers' Europe! (AWL motion to LRC conference 2011)

Submitted by AWL on 4 November, 2011 - 12:58

For more details of the conference, see the LRC website.

Against British nationalism - for a Workers' United Europe

LRC believes

1. That the Europe-wide capitalist crisis requires a Europe-wide working-class response.
2. That we should no more oppose European capitalist integration than we would oppose the merger of two companies, even though the bosses use mergers as an excuse to attempt job cuts and other attacks. When Britain plc merges into Europe plc, the answer is to link up with other European workers in solidarity and struggle.
3. That demanding withdrawal from the EU, or opposing British entry into the European single currency, is a British nationalist position which misidentifies the enemy as "Europe" rather than the ruling class. This is not altered by tacking on a slogan like "Socialist United States of Europe".
4. The road to a Socialist United Europe is the road of responding to European capitalist unification by organising for cross-European workers' and socialist struggle. We advocate the following program for this struggle:
- Oppose all cuts; level up wages, services, pensions and workers' rights to the best across Europe;
- Tax the rich and expropriate the banks, Europe-wide;
- Scrap the EU's bureaucratic structures; for a European constituent assembly;
- Against a European defence force; for a Europe without standing armies or nuclear weapons;
- For a European workers' government.
5. In a referendum on British entry to the Euro, our position will be to advocate an active abstention and our slogans will be along the lines of "In or out, the fight goes on"; "Single currency - not at our expense"; and "For a Workers' Europe".

LRC resolves

1. To organise public meetings and debates about Europe across the country.
2. To initiate a short statement setting out this position and circulate it around Britain and Europe for signatories.
3. To produce a short pamphlet sitting out this position.

If you would like to help us promote this motion, get in touch:
For the Facebook event for our involvement in the conference, see here.

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