PCS and 30 November: strategy needed

Submitted by AWL on 26 October, 2011 - 9:24

PCS has a live mandate for action from the June strike so we are not balloting again. The union has organised a number of reps' briefings, which have been used to discuss ideas as to how we can make N30 even bigger and better than J30. It's good that there is a realistic assessment going on of where we were weak last time in terms of membership support, picket lines etc., and there are moves to address this.

On the downside reps, have not been thoroughly briefed as to how the actual pension changes will affect members. What are the proposals for increased contributions? What would a career average pension scheme look like? What has actually been discussed in negotiations? How should we escalate the action.

Clearly, we need to make N30 the biggest strike Britain has seen for generations. But the NEC is adopting an SWP-style approach - promoting N30 as the next, isolated, "big thing" - without any long-term strategy for actually winning the dispute.

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