Rank-and-file magazine relaunched

Submitted by Matthew on 19 October, 2011 - 12:35

Trade Union Solidarity magazine has been relaunched as an activist resource for rank-and-file trade unionists.

The first issue features a survey on bus workers’ struggles, an article on the public sector pensions fight and interviews with activists from various sectors and industries. AWL member Jean Lane is interviewed about being a Unison rep in Tower Hamlets, and hip-hop artist The Ruby Kid (also AWL) is the subject of a cultural feature.

The magazine’s pitch is deliberately non-”political”; its interviews are more like worker testimonies than attempts to critically engage with “bigger” political questions.

Despite this, there is certainly a need in the British labour movement for a rank-and-file activist publication.

Trade Union Solidarity could play a useful role in the period ahead as labour-movement activists seek ways of building up rank-and-file confidence and power.


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