Reinstate Edd Bauer!

Submitted by Matthew on 12 October, 2011 - 12:45

A Birmingham student reports on the campaign to win reinstatement for Edd Bauer, the Guild [student union] officer suspended for his role in a peaceful direct action at Lib Dem conference.

“It’s totally surreal building for a demonstration against our student union.

“I want to spend my time campaigning against the government and the city traders, not the people who are meant to be fighting for me. However, the undemocratic suspension means we have no choice.

“If we were to put Edd’s suspension to democratic vote at a Guild general meeting or council it is clear that he’d be immediately reinstated.

“However, the Guild is seeking to deal with the sensitive political issue under the powers of the conservative president and the trustee board, which has a majority of non-students.

“As we build our campaign to defend education it is important we sort out our student union, getting control back into the hands of students and out of the majority non student trustee board. We are building a demonstration on Wednesday 12 October at 1pm at the Guild of students demanding a vote on Edd’s suspension.

“Encouragingly the suspension has only further outraged students on campus who are now putting even more pressure on the Guild to campaign.

“Under this pressure the Guild has agreed to put on as many coaches to 9 November as we can fill. Last year the demand for spaces on coaches for the national demo was so much that we ended up at capacity at 500 students.

“This year we aim to beat that figure.”

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