US Tea Party's true colours

Submitted by Matthew on 28 September, 2011 - 10:44

At a recent US Republican Party debate supporters of the ultra-right wing of the party, the Tea Party, could not contain their glee when certain facts about the Republican Governor of Texas were read out.

In his 10 years of office Rick Perry has overseen the execution of 234 death row prisoners. The was cause for “whoop, whoop” cheering by the TPers.

At another, television debate, the moderator asked the participants (including Perry) whether it was okay to let a person die for want of health insurance. At that point Tea Party people yelled out “yeah, yeah!”. Even Perry apparently found it a bit off.

Getting a bit carried away? Only if you think Nazi supporters beating up Jews and left-wingers in the days before Hitler came to power, was “getting a bit carried away”.

Chilling is more like it.

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