Reinstate Edd Bauer

Submitted by Matthew on 28 September, 2011 - 10:28

On 27 September, Birmingham University Guild of Students sabbatical Edd Bauer (also a member of the national committee of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts) was released on bail. He had spent several days in prison for his part in a banner drop at Lib Dem conference. The decision to grant Edd bail came following a NCAFC-organised demonstration outside the court. Two other Birmingham student activists are also on bail.

On returning to the Guild, he found that he had been suspended by its (unelected) General Manager! He is banned from even entering the union premises.

If the Guild bureaucrats can get away with this, it will be an outrage against Birmingham University students’ democratic rights. And it will set a precedent that any left-wing student union officer, any campaigning student union officer, anywhere, is fair game.

We need to fight for Edd’s reinstatement as part of the campaign to reclaim control of our student unions from bureaucrats, and put control back in the hands of students and their elected representatives.

• Meeting to discuss the campaign for Edd’s reinstatement and democracy in Birmingham University Guild of Students: 5pm, Monday 3 October, in the Nuffield Learning Centre (R28 on campus map).

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