Plymouth council workers take on union-busting bosses

Submitted by Matthew on 7 September, 2011 - 1:41

A meeting of Unison members at Plymouth City Council on Wednesday 24 August voted unanimously (with just one abstention) to call for a strike ballot unless the council reverses its decision to de-recognise Unison.

Messages of support for the campaign against union busting have been flooding in from as far afield as New York, including from the Communication Workers of America, notable for its recent battle with telecoms giant Verizon.

Unite and GMB, the other unions organising at the council, have withdrawn their support from the agreement that sparked the de-recognition. Unity between all unionised council workers will be vital if council bosses are to be forced back. If Unison members ballot for a strike, Unite and GMB must join them.

Unison’s lawyers are threatening a legal challenge, but this battle will not be won in the courts.

When Republican governor Scott Walker attempted to de-recognise public sector unions in Wisconsin, USA, workers responded by occupying the Capitol Building. Unions in Plymouth may need to use similar tactics to force the council’s hand.

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