Victory on the Tube

Submitted by Matthew on 24 August, 2011 - 12:41

Leytonstone-based driver Tunde Umanah, the latest tube worker to fall victim to London Underground’s attempts to victimise union activists, has won his job back on appeal.

The investigation found inconsistencies in the story of the manager who had gunned for Tunde’s job, and that memos relating to the incident were concealed from the disciplinary panel. While Tunde has been praised for his honesty, the manager has received a 12 month warning.

Tunde was a well-respected RMT member. A union meeting about his sacking drew over 100 workmates in his support, members of RMT and other unions. The meeting resolved to take industrial action if he was not reinstated, sending a strong message to management.

As with the campaign to defend victimised Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas, the successful battle to reinstate Tunde has proved that fighting to defend sacked workmates produces results.

An Employment Tribunal has also recently ruled that another sacked driver, James Masango, was dismissed unfairly.

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