Solidarity with Zimbabweans facing treason trial!

Submitted by AWL on 12 July, 2011 - 12:51

(For more information, see here.)

We the undersigned send our solidarity to the comrades of the International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) and other Zimbabwean trade unionists, student activists and human rights activists who face trial for treason on 18 July. Drop all charges and free them now!

There is not much time left. Please add your name to this statement by emailing Please include your organisation/position if applicable.

Janine Booth, Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) national executive
Gary Lazell, London Underground worker, RMT
Adrian Finney, London Underground worker, RMT branch chair
Becky Crocker, London Underground worker, RMT
Tony Byrne, RMT East Midlands political officer
Alison Brown, ambulance worker in Sheffield, Unison (health and public service workers’ union) Health Service Group Executive
Lesley Smallwood, Leeds Met University Unison
Sinead Rylance, health worker and Unison member in Lewisham
Anna Longman, Unison member in Nottingham
Karina Knight, Manchester city council Unison
Heather Shaw, Unison member in Sheffield
Kas Witana, care worker and Unison member in Sheffield
Jean Lane, Tower Hamlets Unison rep
Kath Wilson, Unison member in London
Tim Van Tinteren, Unison shop steward in Sheffield
Ruth Cashman, Lambeth local government Unison assistant secretary
Dan Angell, Unison member in London
Andrew Wallace, Unison member in Sheffield
Hannah McQuarrie, University of Westminster Unison young members rep
Kit Leary, Surrey County Unison communications officer
Pete Radcliff, University of Derby University and College Union (UCU) Campaigns Officer
Rebecca Galbraith, UCU
Mira Vogel, Goldsmiths University of London UCU
Colin Waugh, College of North West London UCU
Mike Wood, York University UCU
Nick Chatteron, UCU member in London
Martin Donohue, College of North West London UCU
Paul Cooper, Southwark College UCU
Pat Murphy, National Union of Teachers (NUT) national executive, Leeds branch secretary
Liam Conway, Nottinghamshire NUT secretary
Pat Markey, Northampton NUT
Dean Cornwall, Northampton NUT
Tim Hales, Bradford NUT
Tom Unterrainer, Nottingham NUT
Gemma Short, Rotherham NUT
Mark Sandell, NUT member in Brighton
Martin Thomas, NUT member in London
Pete Cookson, NUT member in Manchester
Laura Rogers, East London Teachers' Association (NUT) president
Vicki Morris, National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Barnet Trades Council
Cathy Nugent, NUJ
Will Lodge, NUJ member in Colchester
Chris Hickey, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
Karen Johnson, PCS DCLG branch secretary
Andrew Charles, PCS member in Fleetwood
Nick Ives, PCS member in Fleetwood
Charlie McDonald, East London DWP PCS
Paulette Romain, PCS member in London
Gilaine Young, PCS rep in National Air Traffic Services
Socrates Davidopoulos, NATS PCS
Med Boxwell, NATS PCS
Jill Mountford and Sacha Ismail, for the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty
Jade Baker, National Union of Students Women’s Committee
Daniel Lemberger Cooper, Royal Holloway Students’ Union president
Ed Maltby, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts steering committee
Bob Sutton, Liverpool Guild of Students vice president
Sean Murphy, Leeds school student
Joshua Allan, Leeds school student
Liam Murphy, Leeds school student
Jake Callaghan, sixth form student in Reading
Alex Cruikshanks, sixth former student in Wakefield
Liam McNulty, Cambridge University Students’ Union
Chris Norton, Sheffield school student
James Moulding, Peterborough Against the Cuts and Fees
Callum Hurley, Peterborough Sixthform Union
Chris Marks, Hull Students Against Fees and Cuts
Jack White, engineering student, Surrey
Joseph Lewis, postal worker and CWU member, London
Ian Sternberg, GMB member in Oxford
John Coan, GMB member in Glasgow
Elaine Jones, Unite and Wirral Trades Council vice president
Max Munday, Unite rep for CRI services, Sheffield
Rhiannon Jones, Unite member in Liverpool
John Bloxam, Unite member in London
Tim Cooper, Unite member in Nottingham
Mick Duncan, Brighton, Unite organiser
Dave Kirk, Unite member in Leeds
Lawrence Welch, Unite member in Newcastle, Newcastle Left Unity
JB Jones, Unite member in Trelawnyd
Sam Greenwood, Unite member in Hull
Greg Marshall, Labour councillor for Beeston West, Nottinghamshire
Pete Gilman, Islington South Labour Party
Stan Crooke, Glasgow Trades Union Council
Robina Rashid, Rotherham
Nageena Shan, Rotherham
Duncan Morrison, South London
Tom Dale, London
Daniel Gray, London
Stephen Wood, Hull
Alice Marhshall, Women of Hull Against the Cuts
Pat Smith, Hull
Kieran Miles, Egham
Pat McCabe, London,
Jack F, Staines
Teresa Conway, London
Vanda Grace, London, Equity member
Ed Maltby, East London
Aparna Agarwal, Delhi
Robert Fox, Oxford
Daniel Warrington, Anarchist Federation member in Egham
Mike Jones, Tranmere Antifa
Patrick Yarker, Norwich
Adam Smith, London
Ali Crabtree, London
David Tidman, Manchester
Ivo Petkovski, Sheffield
Tom Wood, Sheffield
Martyn Hudson, Teesside
Beatriz Tolosa, London
Michael Weller, London
Dan Rawnsley, London
James Bloodworth, Bristol
Janet Burstall, Australian Education Union, Sydney
Tony Browne, NTEU, Sydney
M Goddin, London
Esther Townsend, South London
Tonje Iversen, London
Jairam Ramakrishnan, Cambridge
Noori Bashir, Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan
Vincent Lewer, London
Dan Read, freelance journalist, Portsmouth
Simon O'Connor, London

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