New Trades Council in Essex

Submitted by Matthew on 22 June, 2011 - 1:08

In most areas, Labour councillors have been implementing cuts. Not all can be tarred with the same brush.

In north Essex the Labour Party has been the most vocal against cuts, in areas where there is not a trades council.

Clacton Labour Party and the GMB union have been the driving force behind resurrecting the Tendring District Trades Council, which was formally set up in a meeting last week.

A number of different unions discussed possible campaigns for the future, including setting up a local anti-cuts group. They also agreed to travel to neighbouring Colchester to support strikers on 30 June.

Four Labour councillors (out of nine who sit on the 60 seat district council) attended the meeting and by consensus were allowed to remain as observers. Each councillor present pledged to oppose all cuts.

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