Carnegie defeated by two votes

Submitted by Matthew on 22 June, 2011 - 10:09

The challenge by Workers’ Liberty member Bob Carnegie for the secretaryship of the Queensland branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA, dockers’ and seafarers’ union) has been defeated by the narrowest of margins.

Bob led in the count up to the last day, when a batch of seafarers’ votes, always expected somewhat to favour the incumbent Mick Carr, was counted.

After a recount, the final score was: Carr 506, Carnegie 504, and a third candidate, Brett Membery, 56.

It is the closest vote in MUA history.

As one of Bob’s supporters said after the result: “We have just got to fight harder and bring back our unions to the rank and file”.

Before the count, Bob noted: “Whether I am elected or not I will fight to see that in future our elections are overseen by the AEC [Australian Electoral Commission].

“Apart from the huge cost that members fork out to run the elections (the AEC does it for no charge), sadly for myself and several other candidates the union running its own election has been more about controlling the outcome for the current officialdom than about the democratic process”.

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