Blairites target Ed Miliband

Submitted by Matthew on 15 June, 2011 - 10:44

A diehard-Blairite plot to oust Ed Miliband as Labour leader seems to be underway, with the help of the media.

Miliband has been weak; and that may tempt disillusioned socialists in Labour and the unions to join the chorus for Ed Miliband to go. That would mean lining up with a diehard-Blairite coup.

The biggest problem with Ed Miliband is that, since he was elected as the unions’ favoured candidate against the wishes of the Shadow Cabinet and Labour MPs, he has been under very little pressure from the unions or the left of the party.

He was always going to be weak; the lack of pressure from the left means that the hard-Blairite right have been able to push him.

The current “Refounding Labour” review has become the usual bureaucratic box ticking exercise. It provided the Labour left with an opening to argue for Labour to be a genuine working class party. The decrepitude and entropy of the Labour left means the opportunity is fast being squandered.

Socialists should be battling in the unions, in Labour Party branches, and in Young Labour to make Labour fight the cuts. Working class voters will only be won back to Labour if appears to represent their interests and not those of the rich.

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