Heathrow Express strike

Submitted by Matthew on 1 June, 2011 - 2:39

Heathrow Express workers held a solid 48-hour strike on 27 and 28 May and are to follow it with a series of one-day strikes if the company does not back down.

RMT members picketed the company’s main office at Paddington, and while staff could book on duty at several other points, hardly any did. The company drafted in some managers to drive trains and advertised a half-hour service, but by mid-morning had achieved nothing like that.

Following a morning’s lively picketing, a packed meeting discussed the strike and the way forward. Reps seem confident that the pressure the action has put on management will force them to drop the strings from their pay offer and give a decent, above-inflation rise without making staff pay for it through “productivity” elements.

If not, the next strike will go ahead on Friday 24 June. So it is unfortunate that RMT’s Executive voted down a proposal from London Underground driver reps to call strikes on that day as well as others during that week in their dispute over victimisation of reps.

With both companies’ workforces on strike, travel to Heathrow airport would have been knocked out, putting serious pressure on both companies.

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