Refugees flee Syrian crackdown

Submitted by martin on 17 May, 2011 - 1:09

On Tuesday 17 May, Syrian activists used Facebook to call for a general strike throughout Syria on Wednesday 18th to protest against the Assad's regime use of tanks, bullets, and curfews to suppress the rebellion simmering across the country.

As far as can be determined while outside journalists are excluded from Syria, it is unlikely that the opposition is strong enough to pull off anything like a general strike.

A refugee fleeing across the border to Lebanon told Reuters: "They are entering homes and killing everyone in them, men and women. They are destroying everything inside the homes", in a number of border towns and villages.

Rebels have also reported finding a mass grave near Deraa, one of the first centres of the rebellion.
The "Syrian Revolution News Round-up" blog reports from Deraa: "Curfew is in place starting at 2pm and until 8am. Mosques are closed and men are forbidden to come to the streets on Fridays...
"Tanks are now back in the streets especially in the downtown area...

"Despite all this, a mostly women and children demonstration took place on May 13, and participants still chanted calls for toppling the regime and removal of Bashar Assad from power..."

The British labour movement owes a duty of solidarity to the brave rebels in Syria.

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