Making 30 June a day of debate and decision, not just rallies

Submitted by martin on 17 May, 2011 - 1:03

In Nottingham, a joint strike committee for 30 June is being convened through the Trades Council, and will meet on 24 May.

Activists are building for a big meeting with as many rank and file union members as possible. Notts Save Our Services has been asked to send observers. Delegates from Unison, GMB, and Unite have been asked to attend, as well as delegates from the unions likely to strike on the 24th, NUT, PCS, UCU, and ATL. Nottingham City Unison has already accepted.

On 30 June, the plan in Nottingham is not just for set-piece rallies where strikers and supporters listen passively to windy speeches by union officials.

There will be a proper meeting, with discussion, not a rally. The Albert Hall in Nottingham, which can seat 900 people, has been booked, and is expected to be full.

Union activists have agreed to have few top-table speeches, and to open the floor for debate. Some activists are pressing for the meeting to be open for motions and votes, so that strikers can send a clear message to the union leaders about how they want the campaign continued.

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