Save philosophy at Greenwich

Submitted by AWL on 4 May, 2011 - 10:26

The Save Greenwich Philosophy Campaign could reach its peak on Thursday 5 May when the academic planning committee meeting takes place.

One of the campaign demands is to allow a representative to voice our arguments on May 5, but so far such requests have been denied.

At this point the Save Greenwich Philosophy Campaign has received no consistent line of argument concerning the decision to cut single honours philosophy at Greenwich. Arguments have ranged from the supposed lack of applicants to the claim that a combined course will draw in more students.

So far, the campaign has held two occupations, gathered over 2000 signatures from the likes of A.C Grayling and Noam Chomsky and held a “speakers’ corner” at the university.

Various local and national papers, radio stations and others have followed our campaign and seen it as part of a wider movement against the cuts.

Campaigners are absolutely infuriated that this decision took place at the end of term, when people are busy with exams and haven’t had a chance to build support and inform the wider student body. We see this as a tactic on by the University to undermine opposition. Further action will take place after the bank holiday in a last attempt to save philosophy before the academic planning meeting puts its stamp on management’s decision.

Support our campaign by joining the Facebook group “Save Greenwich Philosophy” and following us on Twitter: @savephilosophy.

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