Survey: intifada in West Bank; union recruitment campaigns; Labour Thatcherites in NZ; Natal's civil war

Submitted by martin on 23 April, 2011 - 9:18

In response to the uprising (intifada) in the West Bank, which started in December 1987, Israel should be made to get out of the occupied territories and allow the formation there of a fully independent Palestinian state.

The GMB and TGWU unions have started a scramble to recruit hitherto untapped sources of union membership - public work schemes, young people, part-time workers, especially women.

Roger Douglas, minister of finance in New Zealand's Labour government, introduced a sweeping Thatcherite programme - flat-rate income tax, big privatisations - without even consulting the Labour parliamentary caucus.

Chief Buthelezi's conservative tribal movement Inkatha battled with trade unionists and the United Democratic Front (ANC) for control of the townships in Natal, South Africa.

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