Reviews: John Palmer; SWP; Foley; Wates and Knevvit; Pauline Kael; Davis and Huttenback; Liebman; Marquand

Submitted by martin on 23 April, 2011 - 8:06

Martin Thomas reviews "Europe without America", by John Palmer.

Clive Bradley reviews "Revolutionary Rehearsals", published by the SWP's Bookmarks.

Stan Crooke reviews "Ireland, the case for British disengagement", by Conor Foley.

Neil Stonelake reviews "Community Architecture", by Nick Wates and Charles Knevvit.

Belinda Weaver reviews "State of the Art", by Pauline Kael.

Rhodri Evans reviews "Mammon and the Pursuit of Empire: the Political Economy of British Imperialism, 1860-1912", by Lance Davis, Robert Huttenback, and Susan Gray Davis.

Gerry Bates reviews "Leninism Under Lenin", by Marcel Liebman.

Bryan Edmands reviews "Thank you, Mr Moto", by John P Marquand.

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