Arab revolution means jihad is over

Submitted by Matthew on 6 April, 2011 - 11:17

“Socialism is what it is everywhere — weak and still trying to get its political bearings. The idea that in the Middle East the ‘masses’ can quickly become socialist, unleash a ‘process of permanent revolution’, and offer a socialist alternative can not but function in socialist observers to dissolve political standards, critical faculties and sober political judgment — and replace them with open-mouthed credulity and naivety towards political Islam." (Solidarity 3/199)

Socialism is never the same thing anywhere. The Arab people want to be unafraid to speak and organise. They might well want a dose of consumerism as a reward for their confinement, but it it is an insult to them to assume that after their ordeal and struggle they will be prepared to surrender their future to either a corporation or a divine beard. In fact, it’s highly likely that this eruption of political-consciousness has pulled the magic carpet out from under Global Jihad as a strategy for resistance. Any mass appeal it once had is gone.

Posted on the AWL website by the blogger littlerichardjohn.

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