24 March: strike across post-16 education

Submitted by Matthew on 16 March, 2011 - 6:02

University and College Union members in both higher and further will be on strike over the next ten days over pensions, pay and jobs.

University strikes over pensions will take place in Scotland on 17 March, Wales on 18 March, Northern Ireland on 21 March and England on 22 March. Then on 24 March university lecturers across the UK will strike over pensions, jobs and pay, alongside members in further education striking over pay.

The 24th is also the national day of action in defence of ESOL provision.

Bringing in virtually the whole of UCU, this is the most significant industrial action yet seen against the Coalition government. It’s outcome is vitally important for the whole movement. Trade unionists, and students too, should mobilise in solidarity.

UCU live update here

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