Remembering Mary Bamber in Liverpool

Submitted by Matthew on 9 March, 2011 - 12:44

To commemorate international women’s day in Liverpool, a statue has been put up on St George’s Plateau of Mary Bamber.

Mary was a supporter of the Russian revolution and a founding member of the Communist Party — when it was a revolutionary organisation. A socialist, an organiser of working-class women, a supporter of the 1911 transport strike, and on the Bloody Sunday march in that dispute. She was a comrade of Sylvia Pankhurst — who broke with the right-wing suffragettes.

In 1920, she attended the Second Congress of the Third International in Moscow. She was a local committee member on the National Unemployed Workers Committee and, in September 1921, was one of those arrested at the occupation of the Walker Art Gallery.

If she were alive today, Mary would be fighting the cuts being brought in by Tories, heckling and protesting against Labour councillors for carrying out the Tory cuts! International women’s day is a day when our movement should defend and fight for political and economic rights for working class women.

International Women’s Day March

Saturday 12 March, 12.30, St George’s Plateau, Liverpool

Organised by Merseyside Women’s Movement with the International Women’s Day Conference being held at Bluecoat Chambers

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