Free the fascist, grab the Jew?

Submitted by Matthew on 9 March, 2011 - 11:01

Last week I was arrested and charged for confronting a group of people who were sieg-heiling and using racist language towards a group of friends and anti-cuts students. Their behaviour included telling an Asian and a mixed-race woman to “look in the mirror to see how inferior you are”.

The police turned up at the altercation. They were uninterested in the racism and abuse, and instead pushed a Jewish woman in our group who was remonstrating with the police about doing nothing.

The man responsible for most of the abuse was told to “move along”.

I raised my voice in a futile attempt to make the cops aware that they had allowed a man to get away with racially abusing Jewish and black people. I was then cuffed and man-handled to the front of a police van, and my head was repeatedly hit against the bonnet. I was taken to a police station overnight and hit with an £80 drunk-and-disorderly fine in the morning.

In the words of one of the anti-cuts people: “it’s rare in western Europe that someone Nazi salutes down a street, and the Jew he was doing it to is the one arrested.”

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