Bieber fever

Submitted by Matthew on 2 March, 2011 - 11:58

Type the words “Justin Beiber” into Google and you’re presented with 139 million results; page after page of gossip, photo shoots and the occasional online shrine in the 17-year-old “sensation’s” name.

A wave known as “Bieber Fever” has swept the world. This “fever” and the influence he has over (mostly) teenage girls are somewhat worrying after his recent interview with Rolling Stone.

I really wish I could be taking him out of context, when asked about the subject of abortion after rape. His response was “everything happens for a reason.” Where have we heard that one before? Well, he does end his live shows with “God loves you”…

This is a lad who once, when asked if his surname was German for basketball, replied, “German? We don’t use that word in America”.

Despite heavily conservative views on abortion and sexuality, he does have surprisingly progressive views on healthcare, referring to the American medical system as “evil”. Still, I think I preferred the consistency of him being an over-privileged reactionary. Now he’s just a contradictory twat.

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