BA ballot back on

Submitted by Matthew on 2 March, 2011 - 3:49

After calling off its initial ballot over fears of a legal challenge from bosses, Unite has begun the process of re-balloting British Airways cabin crew workers for further strike action.

This strike is not over the job cuts and casualisation that sparked the initial action, but against victimisations and sackings that occurred during the course of the strikes. However, a strong strike could force concessions from BA boss Willie Walsh on those issues and possibly inspire workers with the confidence for a renewed fight on the underlying issues.

An activist in BASSA, the section of Unite which organises the workers, told Solidarity: “It’s hard to gauge the reaction to the latest events at BA. For some people the continuing disruption and loss of revenue for BA is enough to make up for the fact that the ERBS [Electoral Reform Services] do not appear to have conducted the last ballot correctly. For others, ‘it’s all BASSA’s fault’ and for sure some people have cancelled their membership as a result. On the other hand, some people have joined or re-joined in the last week or so. Hopefully people are finally realising that this ucoming ballot is their last chance to stop Walsh. If we do not get enough support, then the job will undoubtedly change beyond all recognition in the next few years.”

The new ballot closes on Monday 28 March.

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