Vive la Commune! 140 years since the workers' revolution in Paris

Submitted by AWL on 1 March, 2011 - 12:58

In 1871, the workers and poor people of Paris organised to take power and create the world's first workers' government - the Paris Commune. The result was an explosion of democracy, freedom and human creativity unparalleled in history up to that point.

Although the Commune lasted less than three months and was drowned in blood by the French ruling class, its example has inspired workers in revolutionary struggle across the world ever since.

Between March 18, the day the Commune began, and 28 May, the day it fell, Workers' Liberty will be organising a series of events to celebrate and try to learn from the Communards. We will be beginning with a film showing, discussion and social on Friday 18 March.

We will show excerpts from Peter Watkins' film, La Commune de Paris 1871, followed by speakers and discussion. There will also be a bookstall, exhibition of photographs, food, booze and music. All welcome - please invite others.


A copyable leaflet is attached below.
Facebook event here.


The Civil War in France, Marx's famous pamphlet about the Paris Commune. See in particular the section 'The Paris Commune'.
Photographs from the Commune on

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